Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the taste like?

A: Because it's aged and brewed to perfection, Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel has that rich, smooth, sweet, spicy, full-bodied, complex and refreshing taste. Some customers say it taste better than wine!

Q: Is the company black-owned and/or Caribbean owned?

A: Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is both black-owned and Caribbean owned.

Learn more about the company's Founder and CEO, Nzinga Knight.

Q: How did the company get started?

A: CEO and founder Nzinga Knight started brewing Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel in her home kitchen. Not long after that, the company started working with a co-packing company to meet increased demands.

Learn more about Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel's Timeline.

Q: Will my order arrive on time?

A: Orders currently ship out within 1-3 business days. On average, our fulfillment service ships orders out within 24 hours.

Transit times are 1-6 business days depending on your proximity to our NY/ NJ warehouse.

Expect possible delays during the holiday rush. (We currently aren't experiencing any delays). 

  • NY, NJ, PA and neighboring states orders typically arrive within 2 business days

  • California and other West Coast orders typically arrive within 4-7 business days.

  • Atlanta, Chicago and neighboring states typically arrive within 3 days

Q: Will I receive an order confirmation & how will I know when my order has shipped?

If I haven't received a shipment confirmation, what should I do?

A: You'll receive an order confirmation to your email or text (whichever info you've entered) within minutes of when your order was placed. If you don't see your order confirmation there could be 2 reasons for this:

  • You may have entered an incorrect email address at checkout. Simply email us at assist@brooklynbrewedsorrel.com and we'll help you.

  • Your shipment confirmation email may be in your spam mail folder. Please check!

  • You'll receive your shipment details and tracking number as soon as your order ships- typically within 1-2 business days.

Q: Will my order be safe?

A: We ship using patented and secure Grade A bottle shippers that enable your order to arrive safe and secure.

Q: What is the serving size and how much sugar does this drink contain?

A: The suggested serving size is 6oz. There are 19 grams of sugar per serving. Most of our mixer recipes call for 2 oz of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel.

Q: What does Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel go/ pair well with?

A: It goes perfectly well with savory cheeses, charcuterie boards, BBQ and grills, salads, and desserts. You can also craft a mocktail mixer that you'll enjoy serving at any occasion.

Here are a few guides on how you can uniquely remix and enjoy Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel:

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Q: What’s the shelf-life?

A: Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel has been tested by the Cornell Food Science center. When tested, its results are that Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel has a minimum shelf-life of 2 years when unopened. When you receive your bottles you’ll notice a date code stamped on the bottom of each bottle. 

Q: How long does it taste good once opened?

A: For best taste we advice consuming Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel within 7 days once opened. 

Q: Is it safe to drink for pregnant women? 

A: Yes it is safe for pregnant women, roselle is a good addition to the diet as it is rich in iron and folate. These nutrients are essential for prenatal development.

resource: https://www.pregnantplate.com/food/are-there-any-benefits-associated-with-having-roselle-during-pregnancy/