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I opened mine yesterday. For medical reasons, I haven't had wine in 10 years. This tastes BETTER than I remembered wine ever tasting!


I love it!!!! I didn't know about sorrel before but after I tried it for the first time it quickly became a staple for any celebration or family event.

Katherina M

Love Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel! It's an excellent beverage for any occasion that certainly get's the people talking! Many ways to have, my fave is chilled with a spritz of lemon or lime. 


This drink is amazing! Just a great addition to any dinner party or just something to wind down to at night, delicious! 

Fatimah A

My wife absolutely loves this. I'll be in trouble not to get a bottle.


Amazingly Authentic and homemade tasting. I love this during the holidays or in the evening when hosting guests. Its always a conversation starter. 

Krystyna @theprintuplist

I had mine shipped all the way to the Netherlands. That says it all I guess :)

Faisal M

Each sip of this incredible traditional brew is a journey: The beginning is sweet and rich, the finale a complex and pleasant spice. And the two are bridged together with a gingery bliss


Listen, I need to figure out how to get this on tap at my house! NOBODY makes Sorrel like this brand and the packaging is perfect for gifts as well as dinner parties. THANK YOU for making such an elevated NON-ALCOHOLIC option

Evelyn R. Cooke @_evcooks

A Premium Authentic Mocktail revisited

The hibiscus-based, brewed and aged alcohol-free beverage based on a family recipe with an over 400-year Caribbean heritage. For happier, healthier, more connected drinking. Florally sweet, rich, complex, smooth and refreshing.