Yvette Noelle-Schure- Beyoncé’s publicist, Changemaker, and nonalcoholic BBS sorrel mocktail fan.

Today we're celebrating Yvette Noele-Schure, a renowned public speaker, Beyonce's powerhouse publicist since 1997, and a proud Caribbean who grew up in the beautiful spice island Grenada. Seen as the Black Woman behind numerous successful celebrities, her wit and incredible journalism skills have helped celebrities craft their image, defying odds and helming multi-million dollar campaigns. 

Yvette Noel-Schure is Beyonce's publicist, grew in Grenada and a successful African-American woman who has established her prowess in the entertainment industry

In a Forbes interview, she revealed, “I live by these three words: patience, passion, persistence. That is how I run my company; that is how I run my life. Things take time, be patient. Persistence is a good thing. You don’t have to be a fly about it, but you do have to be passionate enough to not sit and take no.” 

Nearly 3 decades later she's still there and so is Beyonce. A master at her craft Yvette is now not only helping to uplift some of our favorite celebrities, she's teaching master classes, making sure the next generation of publicists help uplift great talent with care into stardom. We could all benefit from people like Yvette in our lives. Perhaps you could be that for someone today?! Raise a glass of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel for Yvette or the Yvette in your life! Click here to order Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel today. 

Our authentic Caribbean hibiscus spiced mocktail has over 400 years of Caribbean heritage and amplifying great Caribbean women, telling these stories and sharing our drink with you is one of our delicious ways to pay our ancestors forward.

Join us in celebrating great women we love this Women History Month and all year by re-sharing these stories of our modern change-makers with your friends and family.



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