Day 6 of Kwanzaa: Kuumba (Creativity)

It’s the sixth day of Kwanzaa, the day of Kuumba (Creativity). This principle motivates us to always do as much as we can to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

For those who don’t know, I began my creative journey in entrepreneurship as a Fashion designer. Back when I'd just graduated college, I had no idea that my training in fashion would help me years later when I embraced my passion for Caribbean Sorrel, great food, and culture and began Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel.

I inherited this family recipe, and I chose to use the principle of Kuumba to make it more beautiful, tasteful, and accessible than it ever was. Much of my training in design & aesthetics, quality, and quality control has influenced how Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel was created. At the start, I knew little about what it'd take to start a mocktail business, but I knew that I loved the Sorrel drink and all of its rich history, and I wanted to share it beautifully and as widely as possible. We basically took Sorrel out of the box once we bottled it. We even learned a ton about mixers and pairings that'd never been appreciated before, not only from our experimentation but largely from yours.

At first, I didn’t have this Sorrel mocktail business all planned out. Just made the drink for friends and family, put it in a beautiful recycled glass bottle, labeled it, and brought it to a few parties. With demand, I began taking orders that day. From there, I figured everything out day by day, got a team on board, and today Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a beloved drink and company with ever-growing popularity that I have the pleasure of sharing and growing with the help of my team and the very best customers I could ask for!

We began our end of year 7-day challenge to reach our 2022 goal of serving 3000 Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel lovers via our online shop on December 28, and it's pushing us to truly grow, share, collaborate, and really step into that next level of what we want to accomplish in 2023 now as we end 2022. We're about 97% there. Will you help us close this gap by sharing it with your friends and family?

Our Kwanzaa Treat on Day 6 of Kwanzaa- 15% off or Free shipping on orders over $85. Use the code BBS15F or SHIPFREE85 for free shipping. 

Choose the code that makes you feel good.

We hope the stories we've shared inspire you as we end 2022 and plan for 2023. You don't have to know all of the steps ahead, but a willingness to learn, do your very best, and embrace the principle of Kuumba will certainly take you very far!


Never miss a toast with our authentic nonalcoholic Caribbean mocktail!

"I ordered a large bottle just to give it a try. Needless to say, it was gone in a matter of days... and I didn't share with anyone! I placed another order, this time for several bottles so now I don't have to worry about running out. Love it!

Darlene E.

" I placed my order and it was received in two days, along with a thank you email. Great customer service and an amazing product. Congratulations and praying for your continued success. Keep up the great work.

Michelle A.

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