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Celebrate Women's Day!

Did you know that not very long ago if a woman worked in the few jobs available to her then her entire paycheck went directly to her husband? 

And that women weren't allowed to speak in public?

Also, a woman could be sent to a mental institution if her husband deemed her crazy... no questions asked just- This woman is crazy!!!

Also, for most of Western history a woman couldn't have her own bank account or own property. 

Sis had dreams in addition to marriage and motherhood but things were really unfair for us women!

Even today there are disparities we must overcome. On top of the wage gap most employed working married women often work an unpaid 2nd shift of being a housewife- doing the lions share of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. Men actually miss out too by conforming to these dynamics that have nothing to do with masculinity or femininity. I certainly saw my mom and dad play into these "norms" until mom insisted the entire family including my dad chip in. He now proudly cooks dinner more than 1/2 of the time in their household and loves it and he's the go to dad to help younger men learn about childcare and how to be good and happy fathers and husbands. He certainly took all of his 6 daughters out without my mom when we were younger. 

Point is 👉🏽 Women and men have a lot to celebrate on this day, this Women's History Month and we all can commit to helping each other live our best and most fulfilling lives. 

Of course, I'm a woman and this is a woman-owned business and it's been with the loving and generous good taste and support of men and women as customers, allies, mentors, sponsors and coaches that I and we've been able to grow year over year. So while we have a long way to go I want to thank you for being here for the ride and being the most awesome community a woman could dream of. 

Happy Women's Day!




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