Adele's toxic relationship with alcohol.

Queen of the break-up songs, Adele taught us how to feel, love, and cry through her heart-rending songs. We admire her as a talented singer and lyricist, but we also admire her as a human being.

Oftentimes when we see celebrities we imagine their lives are so well-put-together. Still, recently Adele spoke candidly about her alcohol addiction and her wake-up call when Amy Winehouse passed away due to alcohol poisoning. She feared she’d spiral out of control like Amy.

“I’ve always had a very close relationship with alcohol. I was always very fascinated by alcohol. It’s what kept my dad from me. So I always wanted to know what was so great about it.”

- Adele 



songwriter adele shares her alcohol addiction and her sobriety journey

Adele turns to alcohol as her coping mechanism, which might be because that's what she learned from her alcoholic father. She said, "'My dad's absolute lack of presence and effort. But I finally understood that it was the alcohol,".

singer celebrity Adele alcohol free life story

Unfortunately, a parent that's preoccupied with dependency on alcohol often fails to meet their child's basic needs. It can even cause a child to feel trapped and unable to escape the pain caused by having an alcoholic parent.

We're cheering for Adele's staying in the fight, and we really wish her well, as there are always ups and downs in trying to live a sober life. 

We're so glad there are so many options to help people feel accepted and included, especially in high-pressure situations like social activities. Many people think of alcohol as an adult drink. But adults as supposed to make better choices. So let’s change that narrative.

As one of our beloved customers Anja said "I call it my adult drink!"

hibiscus spiced mocktail brewed and age perfect for Dry January and recovery from alcohol misuse and addiction

Making the best choices for yourself and as Adele so transparently expressed… the children who are watching is the the ultimate gift and legacy to pass down.

Recently, Tamar Adler wrote about us in a Vogue article about what non-drinkers drink. She ended it with a mixer using Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel and felt she didn't need to drink again.

We hope the same for Adele, all of you, and many more people who come to learn about Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. We're happy to be in solidarity with you all!

 Read the Vogue article featuring Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel.

vogue recommends a nonalcoholic mocktail for sober january


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  • Several years in recovery, and the mother of all head colds was screaming for a hot toddy. Scary thoughts. AND, then, Eureka! A snifter of warmed Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel saved my sanity, my sobriety, my symptoms…


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