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A premade alcohol free drinks that's nut free and healthy. Made of spiced hibiscus roselle in an allergen free facility. It's Black-owned, Woman-owned, Muslim-owned, and Caribbean owned Mocktail Beverage business. Order the best alcohol alternative now for dry January, Passover fall, Easter Good Friday, Holy Week, Father's Day, and Mother's day. It's the best non-alcoholic drink to order!
Made with all natural organic ingredients with hibiscus sorrel as its main ingredient. It's enjoyed by sober and sober-curious. It's perfectly complex, well-balanced, and smooth. Great for dinner parties, gifting, or just relaxing at home.
Our bottled non-alcoholic sorrel is a Caribbean drink brought in Brooklyn. It's a healthy Black-owned, Woman-owned, Muslim-owned, Caribbean-owned beverage you can buy for holiday party or for gifting. Serve it for cheese pairings, sober party or corporate events.

Order The 8oz case of Non-alcoholic Sorrel Mocktail | 12 bottles

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel
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Indulge in luxurious sophistication with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel's premium non-alcoholic mocktail. Crafted from a 400-year-old family recipe, this Hibiscus Roselle mocktail is brewed and aged to perfection with ginger, allspice, bay leaves, and orange peel for a balanced, tart, and fruity flavor. Enjoy its smooth texture on its own or use it as an exquisite mixer with cheese and charcuterie boards.

Ingredients: Water, sorrel flower (Hibiscus Roselle), pure cane sugar, brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, bay leaves, and orange peel


Each bottle comprisies approximately 1 serving. More when used as a mixer.  

We ship using patented and secure Grade A bottle shippers.

• Antioxidant rich

• Made from nature with all-natural, floral and herbal ingredients.

• No preservatives.

• Shelf-stable

• Nut-free, gluten-free and made in an allergen-free environment.

• Perfect recreation and celebration drink.

• Great for cheese pairing and charcuterie boards. The richness of a variety of savory cheeses paired with the floral, fruity sweetness, and spices of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a pure delight

• Excellent on its own and works great as a mixer. Visit the blog for recipes 




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