Premade alcohol free drinks. Made of spiced hibiscus roselle. Buy non alcoholic sorrel mocktail drinks online. Caribbean drinks. Brooklyn made. Black owned business
Buy 4 x 25oz bottles for $87

Buy 4 x 25oz bottles for $87

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel
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Our nonalcoholic Sorrel will take you on a surprising taste journey with its rich, smooth, sweet, spicy, full-bodied, complex and refreshing taste. Best of all it is nonalcoholic, rich in antioxidants and works great solo or as a mixer.

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is made with raw and natural ingredients: sorrel flower (also known as hibiscus roselle), ginger, pure cane sugar, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, bay leaves, orange peel and essence. 

The elegant 25 oz size is typically shared by 4 people and our customers love to gift it too.

Our high-quality bottles are beautiful and strong- many of our customers repurpose them.

We ship using patented and secure Grade A bottle shippers 

This item is available for preorder and ships the week of  10/04/20