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Let me tell you about my ride or die mom.

Moms are pretty amazing. They often put on their superwoman cape to do things with much success that they've never done before simply because they're doing it for their child.

"When I felt too shy to ask,
my mom got our non alcoholic
mocktail into our first local shop."


She even got one of my sister's books into Barnes & Nobles by simply asking for the manager and awaiting a firm yes. She's a confident lady but I think she gets even stronger and more determined when her children are involved.
She's a mother of 6 daughters, and yet throughout the years, I’ve always felt like I had her full attention and support when I needed it. 
Can you relate?
This Mother's Day I look forward to celebrating my mom and continuing to reflect on the multiple ways she's blessed my life. 
Her favorite drink is Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel...(she buys it & I gift it to her :). This weekend I’ll be bringing several bottles to brunch!
review and testimonial from instagram
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review and testimonial from instagram


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