Your 1st cheese board! *Tutorial*

One of the exciting things about creating a cheese board is that it's not only beautiful and tasty; it's an opportunity to express yourself!
Cheese boards have become especially popular lately. Sometimes when we look at them they can feel a bit intimidating to attempt due to the immense beauty and scrumptiousness many exhibit. But the truth is any one of us can create a cheese board and (and eat it too!) So read on, gather your supplies and let's create our very first (or next) cheese board!

charcuterie board with cheese, fruits and vegetables

Something to keep in mind before we begin is that cheese boards can be very versatile and flexible. With your selection from a range of cheeses, fruits, nuts, breads or crackers you have countless options of textures and flavors at your disposal to customize and create a range of boards for various events throughout the seasons. The beauty of having a cheese board is also in the drink you pair it with. The right drink, like Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel paired with a savory cheese can set your taste buds off in a direction somewhere close the paradise.

Since we're in the last few weeks of summer we're creating a fun Summer Cheese Board loaded with seasonal fruits, fresh herbs and cheese. For this board, we suggest to pair it with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel (original). The floral and rich flavor of our sorrel pairs well with these combinations. And now we're ready!
Step #1
Below are recommended cheese combos from a cheese and charcuterie expert, Patrick of Stnky Bklyn Specialty Cheese shop. The savory richness of these cheeses paired with the floral, fruity sweetness and spicy savoriness of our sorrel is a pure delight. It was heaven.
different kinds of cheese
Add in your fresh and dried fruits, nuts, herbs, crusty breads, meat, veggies and honey. There's a lot of summer produce that you can choose from so remember to put just the right amount of them to keep your board well balanced.
summer fruits and vegetables

We're inviting you to create your very own Summer Cheese Board with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel as your final piece of the puzzle! Take a snap of it and share it with your friends! Don't forget to tag us @brooklynbrewedsorrel for a chance to be featured in our social media pages.

hibiscus sorrel nonalcoholic drink and cheese board


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