Relationship status inclusive- 5 ways you can have a great Valentine’s Day no matter what.

A thought......
Male or female, coupled, boo’d-up or single, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, I think there’s something for everyone in a day focused on love. As the founder of a company that inspires people to be inclusive during celebrations by sharing our delightful non alcoholic classic sorrel, I certainly see how we can all derive value from this holiday no matter where we are relationship-wise.  

Singer John Mayer has a line in his song that goes “and if you want love we’ll make it”.

Rather than thinking of, or for some, worrying about whether he’ll remember and do something special for you, or if you’re single, staying in, sad and worried about this day going by without a significant other, how about we celebrate love itself and realize that we can make love happen in our lives and in the lives of others at anytime. Love is a feeling and a verb after all. 

Let V’Day be our reset for being more loving and doing more loving things. After all, YOLO. I think most of us want to be remembered for being loving and caring after all. So here are a few ideas I’ve come up with for how Valentine’s Day can be joyful for us all:

1. Make a list of people to call whose day you think you can brighten up by the sound of your voice. Hopefully their voice will brighten yours too. This list may include family members, friends or community members. You have no idea how much you could brighten that persons spirits. We all want love and to know we’re thought of.

2. Give someone unsuspecting a gift. It could be anybody, a kid, a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend, a stranger and certainly someone you’d like to build a relationship with, and if you have a business or employees this is a great opportunity to give something away and brighten up someone unsuspecting’s day.

Get 3 or more gifts to give out from our website and use BBSLove for 10% off any order. 

3. Go to a VDay event that’s aim is to help singles. If you’re in NY, Performing Arts Mosaic is doing a Valentine’s Day event with a focus on helping singles. See if you might be interested. Chances are singles getting together for Valentines Day are serious about building a relationship with someone. This could be the right place and right time for you.

2021 edit: Look for a virtual event.

4. Do something nice for yourself. There’s a saying that goes- people will treat you as you treat yourself. If you don’t expect to get chocolate, flowers, candles or a nice dinner from someone else on Valentine’s Day who says you have to go without? Get you some chocolate, flowers, candles, or a nice dinner this week! Have it waiting on your dining room table filling you with joy and expectancy for VDay.

5. ............. this last one is on you. You know what makes you feel good or what you’d love to do for someone else. Go do it! And leave a comment with your idea. We’d love to hear from you.

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