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The lesson: Challenges are creative opportunities. Our 1st big Pop-Up

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel mocktail founder with happy customer. Nonalcoholic black owned business black history month

One of our 1st big mocktail popups was at Coffee Tea Festival, in NYC, and our deciding to participate was a big level-up moment for us. We didn't know if we'd be successful there since we're not a tea or coffee company. But we were wildly successful there and pulled our shop together in. less than 2 weeks. 

You see, prior to this event, I'd been operating BBS out of a commercial kitchen and then back home when that space suddenly closed down after 2 whole years of a really overall excellent experience working out of there, learning and getting food entrepreneur ducks in a row. When our friends at @brooklyntea mentioned this event I asked perhaps 2 questions and from there contacted the organizers, raised some money so I could book my booth, raised some more so that I could get a co-packer to create our mocktail and then voila(!) about 10 days later me and my mom + 2 friends did shifts at my gorgeous new booth that literally created from glass that I sourced all over my home. It was beautiful! 

Challenges like this one in retrospect really make me smile and are part of what's made me who I am today- a no excuses, faithful woman. Just a few weeks ago I attended ROI summit by my business coach Rachel Rodgers and met Amy Purdy, one of our keynote speakers whose message was that challenges are an opportunity to be creative. She'd learned and embodied this as a female millionaire who lost both of her legs at a young age and went on to come in 2nd place in a dance competition on non other than dancing with the stars.  

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