Red Food and Drinks for your Juneteenth Feast

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel

Juneteenth is an annual reminder to celebrate the historical day All Americans were deemed free when Gen. Gordon Granger read General Order #3 of the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing 250,000 enslaved Black people. Since then, Juneteenth has been celebrated periodically for more than 150 years; it is considered the longest-running African American Holiday and called “America’s second Independence Day.”

Numerous African-American communities recognize and celebrate this day (and increasingly all Americans), with traditions passed on from generation to generation. The commemoration includes a rodeo, street fair, reenactment of General Granger reading the Emancipation Proclamation, cookouts, and fireworks.


Red Food and Drinks Tradition

As we celebrate this day, eating red food and having red drinks are significant ways to take part in deep-rooted traditions & celebrate our liberty. Red represents strength and is symbolic in many aspects of West African culture. The color red also played a significant role during enslavement. 

Two West African plants create that popular Juneteenth red color: kola and hibiscus. Kolas were used as snacks or as a refreshment (which most captivators thought were used by the enslaved as an energy booster), while hibiscus flowers were used to make tea and treat colds.

Nowadays, strawberry or red soda water and red velvet cakes became a staple and a famous symbol of Juneteenth. Red-colored foods and beverages are instruments in reconnecting us to our ancestors and strengthening the Black community.

We're excited and it is our mission to carry on the traditions of our ancestors with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel, our red hibiscus-spiced beverage with an over 400-year heritage. We invite you to share in our traditions and share about the history of Juneteenth during your Juneteenth feast.

Order Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel here to enjoy our sumptuous hibiscus-spiced brewed and aged mocktail, loved and recommended by James Beard Foundation, Bon Appetit magazine, Epicurious, Tastemade and countless fans. 

Enjoy solo or mixed!



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