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Guide to Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel and Cheese Pairing

Do you know why Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel and
cheese pairings are interesting?
Cheese alone is bold and straightforward in flavor, but it creates a stronger taste connection with other food and drink pairings. With Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel as its flavor bridge, it complements and creates an avalanche of flavors mingling in your taste buds.
As we bottle our sorrel, then we’re taking it out of the box. Many people know sorrel as a great drink on its own but sharing it with our customers led to a lot of experimentation with each person creating different things.
Put your palette to the test and try something new & delicious for Ramadan Iftars, Passover Seder, and all celebrations in between!
Gouda cheese is an aged cow's milk cheese with a rich, nutty, and savory taste. As it ages, the taste of butterscotch develops and beautifully matches our Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel's acidity level.
Comte famous for its complex fruity and nutty flavor perfect for room temperature or chilled Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel's tangy, bright, and complex taste.
Because of its saltiness and the strong mold flavor of blue cheese, it's the toughest cheese to match with drinks. They vary in the level of how strong and sharp the flavor is. The good news is that any blue cheese matches the florally sweet notes of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. Its level of sweetness creates a contrasting taste to the salty and nutty flavor of blue cheese.
Idiazabal is a perfect companion to sorrel. Its smoky and rich flavor is perfect for bbq or grilled meat and a glass of sorrel. The spicy notes of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel help bring out the full flavor of Idiazabal cheese.

Ossau Iraty has a pungent, sweet, and savory flavor that goes well with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel's spicy and citrusy notes, creating a bright and well-balanced match.



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