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What we ate + drank in Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹

We’re in Trinidad 🇹🇹 enjoying the beautiful people, food, and culture! Experience loading…..

Caribbean woman eating softer roti made in Trinidad & Tobago

And what a profound and beautiful return to our motherland after such a long hiatus.



I grew up Caribbean-American in a very Caribbean neighborhood in Brooklyn, where I was able to enjoy some of the best Caribbean food in all of America. In Trinidad, we truly had our pic! During this visit  it’s been interesting to notice the small nuances of differences in food from one chef to the next.

Mangoes from Trinidad & Tobago fresh summer produce


Here’s some things I ate and what I’ve noticed.

  1. Doubles- classic Trini street food are generally thinner and runnier here.

  2. The rotis are lighter and more buttery… and you can only get them up until 2 pm!

  3. The mangoes are way smaller than anything I could find in NY and they have an even wider variety. Most people will gift them straight from their backyard.

  4. I had the best bake and shark with 8 different condiments. Richard’s Bake and Shark, Maracas Bay. They even add a slice of pineapple. It’s SO delicious!

best Caribbean bake & shark

I had the best hosts who made the experience easeful and beautiful.

What’s most important is all the love and ease I experienced from the people- dear family, friends, loved ones and the general vibe of what it means to be Trini.

doubles best Caribbean dish

caribbean man selling coconut in the streets of Trinidad

I searched for some good T&T sorrel and there was no good sorrel to be found as sorrel is very seasonal in Trinidad. I did however find bottled, very watery and super sweet sorrel. I tell ya, it’s crazy how even in Trinidad when it’s not done like homemade sorrel is just not how it’s supposed to be.

I hope you’ll enjoy these shares as much as I’ve enjoyed myself here.


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