Black History Month Salute #1 to Robert Frederick Smith

During Black History Month, we want to recognize the incredible achievements of our community and our modern change-makers who set an amazing example of what success looks like.

Business tycoon, African-American Robert Frederick Smith supporting Black Entrepreneurs. Non alcoholic nonalcoholic sorrel mocktail to buy online. Richest Black man in America

Today we celebrate the fearless Black visionary, Robert F. Smith. Mr Smith is a titan in finance, using his immense intellect and heart to build, contribute, inspire, and lift African-Americans. At 35 years old, Mr Smith gained his first million, kept a low profile and continued to develop and master his skills. Later on, he was featured in several business magazines, Forbes and other prestigious organizations and became an icon and inspiration to many African-Americans. He now uses his gifts to touch the lives of our youth and open doors for the next generation through his philanthropy, institution building and mentorship.

Business tycoon, African-American Robert Frederick Smith supporting Black Entrepreneurs


Mr Smith's passion for empowering Black excellence has helped pave the way for future generations and he happens to be a fan of our Caribbean-inspired mocktail. He supported our effort to fund meals for the elderly and low-income families by contributing to our Buy+Give charity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you Robert, for your excellent taste and support!

There's so much we can say about why Robert F Smith is our #1 guy. Tune back in later for the continuation. In the meantime lets cheer to Robert F. Smith and all of our trailblazers! Join us in raising a glass to Black excellence!

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