Umoja brings us together. Happy Kwanzaa! ❤️🖤💚 + Our celebration at Apollo Theatre

Happy Kwanzaa day 1 is Umoja, Unity. We celebrate Kwanzaa, black owned, woman owned beverage business. Sorrel Christmas adult nonalcoholic hibiscus mocktail drink

Today we light the sole black candle in the Kinara to signify the first principle Umoja (unity), which encourages us to strive for and maintain unity in our families, communities, and nation. Each day we'll be telling you about the Kwanzaa principle as a way to contemplate how we may use it in our lives to soar. 

Let me take you on a trip down memory lane so you know why this Kwanzaa is especially radiant for me. When I was 11-12 years old I went through Rites Of Passage training with my 5th-grade teacher who became my mentor for a year after graduating from elementary school. She took 16 young women, trained us for African womanhood, taught us how to bring positivity to the community, and empowered our self-esteem.

In 1993, I had my rights of passage. I was initiated, presented to my family and community, and took an oath to be a positive member of my family, and community and a positive Global Citizen. This all molded me into the kind of person and entrepreneur I am today and share these values through Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel.

This brings me to some EXCITING NEWS!!! This Friday, December 30th, 2022, at the grandest Kwanzaa celebration at the Apollo Theatre stage I am looking forward to serving as a Young Esteemed Elder for The Ritual of Nation Building, initiating a youth community member into her next level as a positve member of the Community  similar to how I was once initiated. This is just one part of the huge celebration filled with dance and song. We invite you to come out, be there and celebrate Kwanzaa with us!

Today, our brewed and aged hibiscus-spiced mocktail beverage based on my family recipe with 400 years of Caribbean heritage is now an instrument to toast and celebrate Umoja (unity) between families, friends, communities, nations, and races. And it is with Umoja that I continue to share with all people that collectively, we can be more, inspire more, and create the positive changes our family, community, and nation needs.

Regardless of the holiday, we have all been honored to toast to events founded with the Umoja (Unity) principle. It's what our gatherings are about. Happy Holidays!

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