Crafting 4008 Bottles of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel for Bespoke: A Trip to Memory Lane

4008 bottles sold?!

Can you believe it? 4008 bottles sold in a single order! We'll never forget the day Bespoke Post, a valued partner and subscription box company, placed this massive order for our beloved Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. Let's take a moment to share this incredible journey with you.

One of our most significant accounts, Bespoke Post, has been a loyal supporter of our brand. They've even featured us in their subscription box, the Cay Box. Recently, they placed an order for a whopping 4008 bottles of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel.

We may be a growing small business, but our team is a powerhouse of dedication. From the moment an order comes in to the day it reaches your doorstep, our team works seamlessly to make it all happen.

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Never miss a toast with our authentic nonalcoholic Caribbean mocktail!

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"This is a great beverage that goes well with all your special dishes. Highly recommend it... get more than one bottle because you'll be angry when you drink it up and then have to wait for a new shipment...

Angela S.

" I placed my order and it was received in two days, along with a thank you email. Great customer service and an amazing product. Congratulations and praying for your continued success. Keep up the great work.

Michelle A.


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