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National Women's Month Salute to Rachel Rodgers

As women and men, it's important to have positive influences in our life which we can relate to.


This Women's History Month, we're honoring the lives, works, and contributions of women in our society and community. To kick off the celebration, we're introducing you to our friend and business coach, extraordinaire, Rachel Rodgers!

She is a successful entrepreneur and an advocate for empowering Black women. Being a proud woman of color, a mother of four, and an 8-figure business owner, she inspires us to strive for greatness every day. 

I attribute Rachel's influence and coaching to much of my success over the past years. In early 2020, when the pandemic hit, I reached a crossroads where I must decide if I was going all into my business being the CEO I wanted to be or if I would have to figure something else out.


Rachel Rodgers, CEO of Hello Seven, a business coach and a proud Black Woman Millionaire. Enjoy hibiscus spiced nonalcoholic mocktail drinks. Buy sorrel online.

And one of the best decisions I made was to join Rachel Rodger's business community and receive the support of Black women looking to defy the odds and scale their businesses.

What makes Rachel's work different is that she teaches women to value their intellectual property, their time, and the contributions they want to make to their society. She teaches us to strive for more while living a balanced life and prioritizing family, health, and well-being. It's a different perspective often taught by male business gurus who don't consider life responsibilities and needs women have.

 It's essential to have a great influence in your life, whether it's a sober friend helping you keep your new year's goals to be sober or, in my case, a business coach helping me reach my first million-dollar goal.
This month, think of all women who have influenced your life positively. Share this blog 3 of them who you'd like to celebrate this Women's History month.


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