Celebrating Black History Month: Our salute to Amanda Seales

Happy Black History Month!

We're making space for those who personify modern Black Excellence these last few days of Black History Month. Let's raise our glass for them and join us in expressing our salute for marking their fearless difference in history!

Caribbean-American Amanda Seales, comedian, activist, actress and writer

Today, let's celebrate the incredible Amanda Seales, a comedian, actress, writer, and activist who has never been afraid to speak truth to power. Protecting and advocating for the image of Black women has always been her focus and material. She uses her platform to work against racism and discrimination and powerfully show that Black women can thrive in spaces most would usually have to fight and struggle their way into.

Since 2017, she has starred in the HBO comedy series Insecure. In 2019, HBO released her first stand-up comedy special I Be Knowin. Then, in 2020, Seales launched Smart Funny & Black, a comedy gameshow that showcases Black culture, history, and experience. These are just some of her accomplishments in her career.

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