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A donation to support a community member and loved one with Autism

A donation to support a community member and loved one with Autism

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There's no point in having a business grow if we don't help people in our families and community grow as well and sometimes people in the Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel community need help just like I as a founder have. And so since 2020 we've been doing BUY + GIVE. Our communal effort is to pay it forward and help someone in need.

This month we chose to support a community member and loved one in need of support with Autism Therapy for her son. We estimate starting costs of $3000 for visits to a specialized doctor who can help with speech therapy. We ask that you join us in our efforts by donating to support this amazing family.

This is a continuous charity. In our previous effort, we served hundreds of community members- people and families meals and groceries during Covid. If you are in need of assistance please fill out the “Request Assistance” form below. 

Basically, we all can either give assistance or need assistance. Wherever you are in life we hope to be a conduit for good collectively. 

***** This is not a physical product. This is a donation.

Learn more about our charity efforts here.