Tis the season!

If you're hosting Thanksgiving for the first time at your place, you're probably experiencing a combination of nervousness and anticipation. After all, you might be having guests in your list who've knack for hosting holiday feasts and you probably want to pass the test!

Beginning a holiday feast with a cheese course provides a sophisticated and delicious experience to your guest. But, what if you could add further more delight to that experience by pairing your cheese course with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel?

Plus, most of our customers love pairing Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel with their choice of cheese and consider it a perfect match. Try a farmhouse cheddar cheese or white goat cheese with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel this holiday season and deliver the best food and drink experience to your family and friends.

Thank us later! 

P.S: You can order Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel online from here!

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