We’re the latest feature on Black Owned Brooklyn & couldn’t be more thrilled!

Hey! We love the attention of people searching for the best food, mocktail, drinks, you name it. So when Black Owned Brooklyn, an Instagram account and blog directory we’ve been following for over a year reached out about doing a feature on our drink after they’d enjoyed it at Grand Champs (a local restaurant in BedStuy, Brooklyn) we were thrilled! 

Ever felt like you were in Vogue magazine even though it’s really “just” and IG account and blog? That’s us. I think it’s because Black Owned Brooklyn selects no more that 1 business a week typically to feature.... sometimes less, and because as the owner of this drink called Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel clearly I’m proud of my borough/ city. 

The folks at Black Owned Brooklyn are amazing journalists. They covered our story so well.

Check out our feature on Black Owned Brooklyn and scroll through to learn about more amazing companies you’d like to support. 

Peace and love ❤️🍷




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