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Angela came back for more for the Un-scary Holidays

Last year's Holiday gatherings sounded scary as h@ll. Remember that?!
But this year eating Turkey, pie and sipping sorrel with family and friends has regained its place in our hearts and minds as being safe and joyful. Whew!
Here is a testimonial from our resident sorrel lover advice to everyone who's preparing for their holiday to-do's.


Best non alcoholic drinks, mocktail for the sober and sober-curious. Premade alcohol free drinks. Made of spiced hibiscus roselle. Buy non alcoholic sorrel mocktail drinks online. Caribbean drinks.


It’s no secret that long waits frustrate almost everybody- Angela purchased 1 bottle at first and had to endure the frustration of not having purchased more, came back for 2nds, and purchased a nice & more compatible stash of 3.

It’s our pleasure to serve you and hear firsthand from you that our sorrel is so delicious, most of you just can’t wait for the next shipment. 

Thank you for your good taste and support.

Whether you’re hosting the Holiday dinner this year or not, don’t forget to take a moment to pour a drink, raise a glass, and toast to finally being able to join together and celebrate with friends and family in person or virtually. 

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