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Why you're blessed to have sisters

Today we celebrate the bond between sisters by blood and by choice. You might already know how amazing sisters can be: They'd love you even if you get on their nerves every single day, and they're a comforting shoulder to cry on during a bad day.

Research even shows that having a sister makes you happier, kinder, and more optimistic.

Learn more about it as we've listed 4 things that make you sublimely #blessed having a sister.

1. They boost your mental health. Study shows that having a sister is good for your mental health. They prevent you from feeling lonely, unloved, guilty, self-conscious and fearful.

2. They can be your personal fashion advisor. Your sister can be your strongest supporter and your strongest critic as well. So believe them when they say that top suits you well.

3. They drive you to be goal oriented. Competition between siblings are natural. But if you're competing with a sister, it may push you to be more goal oriented and compete healthily.

4. You got a 2nd mom. A big sister can also feel like a 2nd mother. They often say the same things that your mom would tell you and they often love you just the same.


Overall, a sister's love and bond is unbreakable. You'll never have to be alone. You might have some fights occasionally, but if you're fortunate, they'll still be the one who'll love you for a lifetime.


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