Our event with the James Beard Foundation

Some great taste-makers in the US  have found out about us and I'm not just talking about you.

On 9/12/18 we're teaming up with the prestigious James Beard Foundation for an event called JBF Greens: A taste of Little Caribbean. We'll be doing Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel  mixers all night long and we're throwing some goodies in the swag bag iA.

JBF is bringing together some of the finest cuisine from Caribbean chefs and producers like yours truly...and I couldn't be prouder and feel blessed to be selected. Our event begins at  6:30pm at Caribbeing house and then over at the swank Caribbean social located at 847 Flatbush avenue for 7pm. 

Visit the event page to learn more and follow us on Instagram for a behind the scenes look.

Featured Chefs

Shawn Brockman and Sabrina Grandchamps Brockman
Grandchamps, Brooklyn, NY

Tino Graham
Caribbean Social, Brooklyn, NY

Leticia Skai Young-Mohan and Raymond Mohan
LoLo's Seafood Shack, NYC

Allan's Bakery
Brooklyn, NY

Crème and Cocoa
Brooklyn, NY

Island Express
Brooklyn, NY


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