Our biggest supporter

"When I felt too shy to ask, my mom got our non-alcoholic
mocktail into our first local shop."

non-alcoholic mocktail for mothers

A mother’s love is bound for nurturing, caring, and supporting their child throughout their lives. When I didn’t have the courage to ask, she found a way to get my non-alcoholic mocktail into our first local shop.

She even got one of my sister's books into Barnes & Nobles by simply asking for the manager and awaiting a firm yes.

My mother has done the impossible just because she knew that she was doing it for us, her children. She has 6 children, but she never failed to love us equally. Most importantly, she supported us even as adults.

This is one of the many reasons why I look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day every year. And fun fact, her favorite drink is Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. She even asked me to bring more bottles this weekend for our Mother’s brunch because she just can’t get enough of it!

Once again, cheers to all our supermoms that wore their capes and became stronger because they knew it involved their children’s well-being.

mother's day greeting for nonalcoholic brooklyn sorrel Caribbean hibiscus  mocktail

Celebrate Mother's Day every day! Pre-order our nonalcoholic mocktail to treat your mom to a delicious break and use the code BBS10 to get 10% off your purchase. Be one of the FIRST TO RECEIVE your Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel when it's back in stock. 🥳

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