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NYC Meetup at Nordstrom - Last days of our Popup

Toasts! Date-night! Nights in. Experts have also discovered it's perfect for cheese pairing and charcuterie boards. The richness of a variety of savory cheeses paired with the floral, fruity sweetness, and spices

We're looking forward to seeing you during the last days of our pop-up shop at Nordstrom NYC! 

It’s important to me that I get to celebrate with the people who’ve helped us grow - each and every one of you who’ve ordered from us, told your friends and shared kind words. And wow! This is our first PopUP since Covid!

We’re coming in hot y’all!!!  I look forward to meeting you in person this week! Check out my schedule so we can get together. 
The what and where of it all: Shop with us in person at Nordstrom NYC, 1st floor, mainstage. Our lovely popup shop in brought to you by Black-Owned Brooklyn. Here you’ll see a beautiful curation of 8 different and spectacular black-owned business, each with our distinctly beautiful and branded shops, coming together cohesively under the “Jummy’s Picks” banner.

Enjoy complimentary use of the free photo booth, personal & beauty styling, amazing shopping, and then dine at any of the eight in-house restaurants (also try my favorite ooh Mochi doughnuts on Floor -2!). 

Live DJ on Saturday, March. 5, 2022 from 3-6 pm! 
PS: Please spread the word about our shop and encourage your friends and family to come through! We’re open all Nordstrom hours. Free samples/ tastings all day long. 

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