Labor Day is celebrated best in Brooklyn at the West Indian Parade!

Caribbean culture has come a long way. For years we've had the pleasure of witnessing Carnival traditions that unite many Caribbean islands including Trinidad and Tobago marching through the streets of Brooklyn, NY in what's known as the West Indian Day Parade.

Every first Monday of September, Crown Heights, Brooklyn transforms into a colorful parade that attracts around two to three million participants from Caribbean backgrounds and from all over the world wearing carnival costumes or bright and colorful clothing following the parade route along Eastern Parkway. Live music plays while parade participants dance in flamboyant costumes and neighbors watch from their windows. As a child, I enjoyed staring out of my 2nd floor apartment bedroom window watching men and women on stilts walking down the street, appearing eye-level. Onlookers enjoy Caribbean food being sold on the street and immerse themselves in the bold and vibrant culture of the West Indies.

history of west Indian day parade celebrated by the people who live in the Caribbean Islands.

Keeping the culture and traditions of the Caribbean alive is a pride and joy of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. Through founding Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel, our founder Nzinga Knight preserves the rich flavors, culture and traditions of the Caribbean through the Sorrel-making tradition learned from her Trini-Dad. Our hibiscus-spiced mocktail recipe is proud to boast over 400 years of Caribbean heritage. By sharing it with you we enjoy the rich traditions of the Islands and ancestors together no matter where we're located. 


 Caribbean Island Flags

This Labor Day, we're inviting you to join us in a special West Indian Day celebration. Leave a comment and share with us your thoughts and/or your best West Indian day parade experience and we'll share them in our Instagram and facebook stories.

And of course, we'd like you to experience the beautiful Caribbean culture in a bottle of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. Make your selection on the website. Also, don't forget to show some love by gifting your friends! Send them a drink or order Gift Cards instead.

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