In the affair of love, the most crucial element, besides love itself, is______?

I'm somewhat of a middle-woman for exchanges of love. As the CEO of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel I get to see hundreds of you get ready and getting gifted for Valentine's Day when you place your orders and leave notes for your romantic and platonic loved ones to read. [It happens on throughout the year too. If you read our email about zoom call dates you know]. I get a sense of who our customers are and I'm constantly amazed, grateful and happy to see that we really have attracted an abundance of loving and kind people to our company. Ya'll are some super-sweet people.

Just the other day I saw that a new customer, Yang sent out 12 individual gifts of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel accompanied by thoughtful notes & then she sent a note to me, thanking me for creating the best drink she's ever had. She ended her message by calling me a creative queen 👑. And then there are so many gentlemen ordering for their sweeties, daughters ordering for their mom. Friends celebrating Galantine's and more. 

It's beautiful that you share your expressions of love and I guarantee you that with every heartfelt word of love and appreciation, every red, floral, hibiscus-spiced sip of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is enhanced and made even more beautiful.

With Valentine's Day, a day focused on love, situated right in the middle of Black history month, a month for us to feel encouraged by the courage, resilience and accomplishments of Black people in America past and present I couldn't agree more with the words of Amir Sulaiman:

In the affair of love, the most crucial element, besides love itself, is courage. 



Happy Valentine's Day to you and your bae, bestie, momma, friend, wife, hubby, employees, co-workers (and the list goes on) & Happy Black History month!

Keep that same loving and appreciative energy throughout the year. 

We love seeing your love and courage in action when you express it with gifts and love notes.

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