Customer Shoutout- Meet NYC pastry chef Evelyn R. Cooke

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Hence, providing the best possible experience has always been of utmost priority to us. We recently caught up with Evelyn Cooke, a local pastry artist. We're proud of her accomplishments and thought you'd like to learn more about her treats. 

Evelyn Cooke- Customer Shoutout

Evelyn R. Cooke, a budding entrepreneur and a pastry chef, shared her experience with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel saying,

"Listen I need to figure out how to get this on tap at my house! NOBODY makes Sorrel like this brand and the packaging is perfect for gifts as well as dinner parties. THANK YOU for making such an elevated NON- ALCOHOLIC option."
Evelyn R. Cooke (@_evcooks)

Evelyn is a pastry artist in New York, delivering happiness to people with her customized chocolates, cupcakes and signature almond caramel squares. 

Being a woman-owned company, we at Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel appreciate such passionate, strong, and independent women, who are making their mark in the world as well as contributing their part to women empowerment.

To order some really delicious sweets this holiday season visit The #EvCooks Store. If you want to accompany these sweets with our hibiscus-based, non alcoholic, spiced, brewed and aged social beverage with an over 400-year heritage order Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel today and avoid the holiday rush!

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