A lesson from Trinidad about hustle culture 💼

According to surveys, Americans with full time jobs work 45 hours a week and 25% of us have side jobs. Sounds exhausting? Grind-hustle culture is a way of life in America. It's a way to achieve business goals, finance your passion, and be financially secured.

It's the opposite for my Aunt Joeann. We had a conversation with her about why she didn’t move to America while I was in Trinidad. She said she never migrated because “Americans hustle too much… and I’m not into that!” Essentially she believes that hustling too much makes our lives complicated and drains our energy constantly. Yikes! I couldn't agree more.

Hustling might have a negative connotation to some as it requires a lot of sacrifice and hard work. On the other hand, it is actually very fulfilling if you focus your time on the right things without forgetting yourself and those you love- essentially live a balanced life.

So while you're at it, we're here to bring you the Caribbean vibes - positive, relaxed, and bright! Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a party on your pallet. It’s made of hibiscus roselle, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, bay leaves and orange peel- brewed and aged to perfection. It tastes rich, smooth, florally sweet, and gingery spicy.

A toast to all you hustlers out there! Have a Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel on you, because you've worked for it and you deserve it!

hibiscus-spiced mocktail company owner and fashion designer at Trinidad and Tobago
CEO & Founder, Nzinga Knight at The Cloth's creative director's home in Trinidad & Tobago.


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Darlene E.

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Michelle A.

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