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BYOB this Thanksgiving and Holiday. Why not?

Have you ever heard of the acronym BYOB?

If not, B.Y.O.B. simply means, Bring Your Own Bottle.

There’s nothing like having a good time with a sober and happy state of mind- but not all social gatherings are accommodating to non-alcoholic drinkers. Relatable?

This is why bringing your own favorite non-alcoholic drink as a gift and sharing it with everyone is a brilliant idea!
Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is perfect for someone who wants a nonalcoholic, perfectly balanced, nothing you need to add kind of drink or if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, create your own spin on our mocktail by using it as a mixer!

Share this blog with a sober friend and BYOB or Bring Your Own Bottle of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel to parties and enhance your holiday experience!
Reminder: Our last batch sold out quickly for Thanksgiving. Order now to receive your drinks in time for the Holidays.
Never miss a toast with our authentic nonalcoholic Caribbean mocktail!

Place your order now and be transported to the Caribbean just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all celebrations in between!

"I ordered a large bottle just to give it a try. Needless to say, it was gone in a matter of days... and I didn't share with anyone! I placed another order, this time for several bottles so now I don't have to worry about running out. Love it!

Darlene E.

" I placed my order and it was received in two days, along with a thank you email. Great customer service and an amazing product. Congratulations and praying for your continued success. Keep up the great work.

Michelle A.


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