Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is Beyoncé & Beyhive approved

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is featured on Beyoncé’s website!
Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel Zeroproof Mocktail on Beyoncé’s Black business directory website

Beyoncé along with her stylist Zerina Akers created a Black owned business directory called Black Owned Everything to highlight some of their favorite businesses in the world! Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel was handpicked to be featured on the site and social media channels. We’re delighted to be included and imagine Beyoncé and many fans from the BeyHive enjoying our special mocktail while jamming to her latest musical release.  

Many thanks to everyone involved including Beyoncé’s publicist Yvette Noelle Schure who’s a long time fan and repeat customer of our Mocktail.

For the full directory visit Beyoncé.com

Order our Mocktail here BrooklynBrewedSorrel.com

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