A few mixer recipes by you, our lovely customers *full feature coming soon*

Non alcoholic mixer with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel mocktail. Nonalcoholic drinks recipe
(In image above: A Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel spritzer created by Chef Kim Parris)

When you visit the homepage of our site you'll notice we did revamp including some of your reviews. While we perused through reviews we noticed several of you also mentioned mixers and hinted at using Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel as an ingredient in some of your recipes.

We'll dedicate a whole section of the site for your mixers and recipes and are reaching out this week to get more info about all the creative things you've been doing with Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. In the meantime here are some mixers and suggestions for our nonalcoholic sorrel written by you all:

Use Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel as a marinade:

LeighAnne C says "Got it! Very happy with the flavor. I used some in a marinade as well" << Marinade recipe from LeighAnne coming soon

Ayesha G says: "Many ways to have it, one of which can be enjoyed perfectly chilled with a spritz of lemon/ lime".

@Helloaaisha says: You can drink it as is, water it down, or mix it with some sparkling water (my fave).

Some more mixers:

1. With a sprig of mint

2. With tonic water

3. Add some mango juice

4. Add pineapple juice

5. 1/2 Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel 1/2 selzer

6. "Warm it up like a hot toddy" by Ode To Babel lounge ( so comforting and delicious)

7. Add ginger ale or ginger beer.


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