The diary of a Black Muslim Businesswoman

I love to write. 

I started journaling when I was 7 years old and to date I have about 30 journals tucked away in my closet. I'm thinking I may want to get rid of them soon.... Still thinking about it. I'm currently listening to a biography of Rockefeller and the biographer says that Rockefeller was very cautious about his words. He understood the impact of them for posterity so he used them wisely. In my journal my words are loose! They'd mostly just point to my emotional states over the years as well as my hopes and dreams for my future and the future of so many people- family, communities that I know and ones that I envision. 

This is the first installment of my online journal intended to be reflective of the wisdom I've gained over many years in business and simply my 41 years being alive and striving. It's also an experiment and test for my understanding of the power in my words and how they help build a better future for myself and the world around me. This is also a great way for me to decompress before going to sleep and power up in the morning or afternoon. Let's be intentional!

By the way, I was a Professor at a prestigious university from age 26-37 and I was great at it. I LOVE to teach. Catch these gems! I pray that many people who come across this corner of the web will benefit and be inspired by what you find here. Not only is Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel great, I strive to be great and am working at it every day. There are aspects of being a businesswoman that are challenging and to be overcome. I want to feel the positive energy of my community where ever you are as they're overcame. I want you to feel you can overcome too. My words- the ones I think especially- and the ones I write are a big part this journey to greatness. 

There's a saying that goes:

كَلِمَةً طَيِّبَةً كَشَجَرَةٍ طَيِّبَةٍ أَصْلُهَا ثَابِتٌ وَفَرْعُهَا فِي السَّمَاء تُؤْتِي أُكُلَهَا كُلَّ حِينٍ بِإِذْنِ رَبِّهَا

A good word is like a good tree, whose root is firm and whose branches are in the sky, yielding its fruit in every season with the permission of its Lord.
Sura Ibrahim, verse 24-25

وَمَثَلُ كَلِمَةٍ خَبِيثَةٍۢ كَشَجَرَةٍ خَبِيثَةٍ ٱجْتُثَّتْ مِن فَوْقِ ٱلْأَرْضِ مَا لَهَا مِن قَرَارٍۢ ٢٦

And the parable of an evil word is that of an evil tree, uprooted from the earth, having no stability.

I'm curious what my great attention to words and belief will produce. So here we go!

PS: Growing up in my East Flatbush neighborhood the corner was the place men would chill at. They'd play dominoes, get loud and express themselves. I always imagined this was because they didn't live in a house with a basement where they could invite their friends over to kick it. Am I right?