~WE SHIP FAST & EVERYWHERE ~ Happy Juneteenth & Father's Day!

The Legacy of a proud Trini-Dad

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Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel's legacy belongs to a proud dad. I grew up watching and tasting my Trini dad's Sorrel. Coming from a rich Trinidadian culture, as a child, my father's delicious and complex hibiscus-spiced brewed sorrel became a favorite of our family's and around Brooklyn.

Decades later, I inherited his passion for sorrel when I picked up his talent and turned it into Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. With enough determination and joy, I created and elevated our sorrel and proudly deliver a business that takes it to greater heights. We've had the honor of working with & serving the NBA, Google, DC37, The Schomburg Center, Bon Apetit magazine, Healthyish, and thousands of happy customers. 

On this Father's Day, we give thanks and honor our Chief Sorrel maker along with all the fathers who inspired and guided their children to be better people and have a better life.

From me & my dad to your's- order in time for your celebrations and send exciting and delicious gifts! Use BBSDad for 10% off this weekend. Shop here

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