The Juneteenth Red Drink tradition commemorates the liberation of Black People in America

Juneteenth is a very historic day in America for the start of liberation for many Black people and America fulfilling it’s promise of liberty and justice for all. This month long commemoration is celebrated with RED DRINKS to signify the hibiscus Sorrel drink that made its way through the trans-Atlantic slave trade to America and to signify strength. Many African Americans lost the tradition of actually using the hibiscus flower (and create red drinks with berries and kool-aid etc) as many things were lost during enslaved times. In the Caribbean we somehow were able to preserve this tradition with the actual flower and drink- climate and many other factors played a role.


Red is to signify this tradition we kept and red is for power. There are few foods and drinks that really lasted through those over 400 grueling years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. I’m happy for what remains and what I get to share every day.


I would love for those of you who want to use your platform for elevation to share this Juneteenth foodie fact. You can dedicate a share on your page about Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel-our hibiscus spiced, Brewed and aged beverage with and over 400-year Afro-Caribbean, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, WE MADE IT, WE’RE STILL HERE heritage on this special day.

And for our fans, keep sharing about your favorite drink!

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