Carrier and fulfillment delays

In case you’re still awaiting your order or wondering about what to expect once your order is placed, we’re writing to let you know that fulfillment, USPS and UPS are experiencing unprecedented delays. If you’re one of several of our customers who received an email confirming shipment and a tracking number but as you click to receive updates there’s a note stating that your order is either in “Pre-shipment” or “On it’s way to a UPS or USPS facility” read on. 

[If you’re unsure of how to check the status of your order skip to the end.]

Here’s what we know: If you received a shipping confirmation email from us Your order has been shipped!  

We like status updates but these days carriers are being inconsistent with sharing information via scanning packages which makes it difficult or impossible for any of us to keep up with who’s package is doing what and where.  

Here’s what we also know:

1. Fulfillment teams and Carriers are hard at work shipping with limited staff resources due to Covid and higher demands due to the holiday rush. Sometimes carriers skip steps like scanning to save time. This has become a common practice of USPS and less so with UPS. We are seeing packages that were shipped the same day show updates from UPS and none from USPS. 

2. The day you receive a shipping confirmation notice from us is the day UPS or USPS has picked up your order from our fulfillment location in New Jersey. This means UPS or USPS is in possession of your order. We are sure that your order has shipped. From there any information that can be known about location and transit time can only be traced via the tracking number via UPS or USPS scanning the package. 

3. It's not uncommon for USPS to skip package scans when they're running behind in order to allow them to move packages quicker than otherwise since additional scanning also means additional processing time. With skipped scans this means that as your package makes its way to you it is essentially incognito. You cannot trace its movement.

4. We’ve experienced skipped scans since July and customers like Sheronne still receive their order. We hope that you’ll be as elated as Sheronne with your mocktails & we’re rooting for you and your loved ones and gift recipients to receive your orders in time for your upcoming festivities.

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All of our items are in stock and our team is working hard to bring tasty joy to your doorstep. 

We appreciate your patience and hope to serve you again soon.

To check the status of your order visit our home page, click the chatbox in the lower right corner, type in “where’s my order”, you’ll be automatically prompted to input your order number and email address and be given a link. Click for order updates. 

Or search your email for the shipping notice from us and click the tracking number. If you’ve received a tracking number your order has shipped & is in transit. 


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